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Prepared Slides, Basic Zoology and Histology

Product Code : EL-PMS-11201

Prepared Slides, Basic zoology and histology.

Set of 35 Slides include: 
Amoeba w.m.
Cockroach mouthparts.
Marine Plankton.
Columnar epithelium.
Fundic stomach.
Euglena  w.m.
Antennae, butterfly and moth.
Helix radula.
Ciliated epithelium.
Small intestine.
Paramecium  w.m.
Housefly head.
Amphioxus  t.s. intestinal region.
Psuedo stratified epithelium.
Tapeworm proglotids.
Mosquito head, female.
Toad blood.
Striated muscle  l.s.
Testis t.s.
Lumbricus t.s.
Hydra, budding, w.m.
Mosquito head, male.
Toad skin v.s.
Hyaline cartilage.
Skin v.s.
Honeybee head.
Human blood.
Peripheral nerve.
Ovary t.s.
Lumbricus l.s.
Stratified squamous epithelium.
Spinal cord.

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